In Defence of Boredom


Documentary first broadcast on ABC Radio National Friday 19 June 2015

Boredom: “Bleurgh!” is most peoples’ reaction to what they recall, as a child, was a painful emotion … that awkward, annoying, claustrophobic feeling seemingly always experienced on a Sunday afternoon.

But could boredom actually be a good, or important thing? Life involves endless input these days. Fear of ‘missing out’ drives us to search ever more frequently for information and diversion via technology and, notably, our phones. Boredom, like smoking and leaded petrol, seems to belong to another age. But turns out, boredom may play a vital role in our mental health. So, if you’re reading this on a phone or tablet, listen to the show and then give it a break, stare out the window, and start getting your head around that fact that being bored is good for you.


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